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The World you’ll be playing in could be divided in two, though unfortunately it’s not that simple. On one hand you have the “New World” which consists of strange lands to be discovered and resources to be plundered. It’s a world of mostly untamed wilderness with a few indigenous cities scattered about. Five years since Captain James Tult first set foot on the black sandy beaches of the New World, the empires have cast their lot on exploring it, sending out massive flotillas which are inevitably separated by the unnatural storms they encounter on their voyage.

Then there is the “Old World” which consists of three empires: The Demonline Dictatorship, the Razorwind Republic, and the Bureaucracy of Bahamut. Amidst the chaos of the scramble for the New World political plots unravel and border skirmishes heat up. Besides these three empires there are many smaller nation states that are pushed around by the much more established empires. Although the majority of the world looks towards new horizons for their future, much of the Old World could give a goblin’s ass about the exploits of some upstart captain who recently discovered a new race.

The vibe here is heavily reminiscent of the early Age of Exploration in which a mad dash was made amongst the empires of Europe to claim as much land as possible for themselves.

The Old World
The New World

Main Page

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