Out With the New and in With the Old

The Free Town of Turquoise
Duchy of Admiral Tiberius Regale (“The Pirate Duchy”)

At a bawdy and overcrowded tavern known as the Bloodied Angler, Miss Bonnie Ryder rubs shoulders with groping sailors and brooding mercenaries to deliver her trademark “Blackest Fathoms Brew” through a thick haze of pipe smoke as a travelling bard plays the “Demons of the Demonline” for the fourteenth time that night. Outside, two townspeople are entranced by a snake eyed dancer from a far off land as her Saurian partner stealthily robs the guards of their coin.

Down the street, a one-eyed Kuo-Toa blabbers in an incomprehensible language about the tentacle horrors it has witnessed as a cowled Tiefling throws a copper to the pitiful creature. In a secluded alleyway, a gang of thugs shout obscenities at a crumpled dragonborn, kicking it repeatedly until it sets one of the thugs on fire. Their screams echo off shuttered windows and bolted doors, nearly drowning out the sounds of debauchery nearby.

On the docks, captains and sailors clutch talismans and shout hymns to no god in particular, as an armored cleric makes offerings to Fharlanghn to assure that the hurricanes don’t take her as she begins her trek back to visit her father in the Razorwind Republic tomorrow.

Just another night in the Free Town of Turquoise.

We open in this bustling trade island of Turquoise, where ships stop and go between the New and Old world. Small and unable to support itself, the island relies on these ships and irregular deliveries made by the neglectful Captain Tyrene of the Pirate Duchy’s shipping fleet.

A garrison of twenty-two guards is stretched thin as it tries to keep the chaos at a minimum as per Duke Quinn’s instructions. Kuo-toa and other aquatic races come to land to sell magnificent undersea goods and convert surface-dwellers to their strange gods. Stowaways from ships and escaped slaves make their homes here amongst a culture they do not understand and have little hopes of surviving in. There’s also the ever present threat of a kraken attack, to which the Duke has procured a single cannon in case of. Things might not be safe in Turqioise, but you have to appreciate the excitement that the chaos brings to an otherwise uneventful trip back to the Old World.

Enter you. For whatever reason you have arrived in the free town of Turquoise. Maybe you were unfortunate enough to have been born here, you might have business here, or circumstances may have deposited you here somewhat recently for whatever reason. Fortunately for you the island is always being visited by ships coming and going between the New and Old World, you have the world awaiting you at a single step of your shoes, please tell me you’re wearing shoes!


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